Look in the Wardrobe
Signature Service (i)

The crème de la crème of personal shopping experiences. After you have completed a face-to-face questionaire, we will have a detailed wardrobe consultation, during which you will be asked to model outfits from your wardrobe and you will be given guidance on how to combine
specific items to create certain looks. If you have vintage clothing you no longer wear, I will seek to provide contacts who specialise in purchasing vintage wear. And if you have clothing that needs repairing, altering or customising, I also work closely with designers and tailors. We will compile a Wish List of items that are either missing or need replacing in your wardrobe; then you, I and our Wish List go shopping.


Look in the Wardrobe
Signature Service (ii)

The same as Look in the Wardrobe Signature Service (i) but I go shopping for you and bring the contents on your Wish List to your home.